In my mind (2023)

In a slightly dramatic, subjective and at times comical way, the film In my mind shows the state of anxiety with which the main character struggles in everyday life. The plot of the film boils down to two things - the girl needs to take out a piece of paper from the social welfare office, a famous certificate of unemployment and then go on a job interview on the same day. Both of these social situations are extremely terrifying for her, even though they are, one might say, a completely normal part of life. In order to dispel at least some of the fear, she carefully prepares for both meetings, rehearsing and preparing what she will say to the person at the counter, as well as to the person who called for an interview. Through the film, you can see some other fears that cause her everyday anxiety - that everyone on the street is watching her, or that she is terribly uncomfortable sitting right next to another person in the waiting room. At the very end, we learn that excessive preparation for both social contacts didn't result in a positive outcome, which inevitably ends in a strong panic attack.


Николина Спасић


Стефан Тодоровић; Милица Живковић; Тијана Милојевић; Јована Рерић

Дизајн звука:

Александар Ужаревић

Директор фотографије:

Тибор Варга


Никола Живковић

Корекција боја:

Тибор Варга


Никола Живковић


Теодора Коледин

Посебна захвалност:

Драган Живанчевић; Вукашин Живаљевић


Нови Сад, Србија