Who we are

We are a team that provides every type of visual identity branding such as video production, photography, graphic and web design.

About me

I only do what I love. No exceptions, compromise. I live for it and in the end I live from it.
Since people like to stick labels, if I had to, I would declare myself as a twenty-one year old filmmaker and photographer, currently stationed in Novi Sad.
I would not give myself the epithet of an artist who has a vision and who would come up with something that nobody has so far. I’m just an ordinary guy who devotes his love to the films. I have some strange need for everything I do to be in perfect balance and worry about every detail.
I directed 2 short movies Pandora and Bumerang.
Maybe I have not met society’s expectations, I do not have working hours, but I have what I always wanted, I live my dream as film director.

© 2020 Nikola Zivkovic
Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money. - Johnny Cash