We are a team that provides video production services in very different areas and levels of complexity, starting from advertising services, through music videos, various events, animations, short films.


Our services cover a wide field of photography that in modern times is one of the most important marketing tools. We are doing an advertising photo that includes a photo of products, brands, then photographing events, individual photosession, fashion photography, and stock photography.


We provide exceptional quality services and creative ideas from the area of design, which include design of logo, poster, business card, flyer, menu, banner… and everything witch include graphic and web design.

Pandora (in production)

Pandora contains a well-known topic about the influence of the media and society on the creation of a system of values for each individual, which is presented in a different way, through man’s meaningless existence.
The film aims to better represent the transience of life, the human preoccupation with other lives, until it completely loses the notion of elapsed time.

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